Covid-19 Gym Guidelines

Washington State updated guidelines: AUG 19, 2021

DOP Strength Gym's comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation, recovery plan, rules, and regulations.

This plan includes DOP Strength Gym's policies regarding the control measures: PPE Utilization; on-location physical distancing: hygiene; sanitation; symptom monitoring; incident reporting; location disinfection procedures; COVID-19 safety training; exposure response procedures and a post-exposure incident project-wide recovery-plan. In addition, this also covers the rules and regulations in accordance to the Washington State issued Safety and Health Requirements. In effort to protect our employees we kindly ask that  anyone who enters the studio use the proper precautions to protect themselves and the health of our staff. DOP Strength Gym will also be limiting the use of facility for schedule training appointments only. Occupancy will follow the issued guidelines for max occupancy.

PPE Utilization- We highly encourage clients in the higher risk categories to utilize proper PPE at their discretion.  
We are working in accordance to Washington State guidance plan on the wearing of face coverings and/or other personal protection items as required by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries when entering the gym. 

On-location physical distancing- we ask that all clients keep within a respective distance  of others while in the gym. 

Hygiene- Please wash hands frequently with soap and water and use hand sanitizer. Everyone must wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Or clean their hands with a hand gel that has at least 60% alcohol in it. Clients must provide their own washcloths and water bottles for training sessions. 

Sanitation- Trainers must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before and after each training session. All clients will wash their hands or use facility provided hand sanitizer upon entrance to the facility and prior to entering the training floor. This will be confirmed by the trainer.

Cleaning of all high touch areas with cleaners registered in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Staff will be routinely cleaning all high touch areas routinely of the office, training floor, cardio room, and bathroom facilities.

  • Symptom Monitoring- clients who show signs of COVID-19 (fever, cough, or trouble breathing): Will be asked to step away to a private area away from others.  They will be asked to wear a face mask. We will then notify our local health department right away and advise us on what to do.

  • What to do if an client has COVID-19: This will be kept confidential. This is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Inform  employees and close contacts will be notified that they may have been close to someone with COVID-19. More information will be provided by the Department of Health webpage or the Coronavirus assessment tool developed by Microsoft and Providence.

  • Location disinfection procedures- Equipment will be sanitized immediately after each use. Sanitation spray or wipes will be dispersed throughout the training floor. Regularly sanitize counter tops, doorknobs, other common surfaces, cash registers, score posting kiosks, and other frequently touched surfaces including employee used equipment Clean all high touch areas with cleaners registered in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Clean all high touch areas of the office, training floor, cardio room, and bathroom facilities.

Employees and clients must comply with the following COVID-19 worksite-specific safety practices, as outlined in Governor Jay Inslee’s “Safe Start” Proclamation 20-25, and in accordance with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries General Requirements and Prevention Ideas for Workplaces and the Washington State Department of Health Workplace and Employer Resources & Recommendations at