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#1 Quality control: We limit our membership to 200 members only. Big box gyms have thousands of members, which makes them a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. At DOP we specifically cater to individuals looking to reach their highest potential in a safe motivating environment! By limiting our membership we are able to provide the 3 things necessary for achieving your goals: specific training programs, specialized equipment, and a motivating environment whose quality is not diluted with thousands of members! 

#2 Training specificity: Marathon runners don't train like bodybuilders and bodybuilders don't train like marathon runners because they train for different outcomes. For optimal outcomes you need a training program designed for your specific goal! Your Annual Membership includes free programs tailored for specific goals no matter if your goal is to get strong, get lean, get muscle or to just live a healthier life we have a program for you!   

#3 Equipment: One-size-fits-all gyms simply provide generic equipment that doesn't meet your unique goals. DOP prides ourselves in offering unique specialty strength equipment for you to have everything you need to reach your goals!

#4 Environment: DOP provides an atmosphere for goal-oriented people to come together and unlock their true potential. All of these services offered in a non crowded safe environment!

#5 Cost: Most boutique and specialty gyms cost hundreds of dollars per month. DOP is able to provide the best equipment and the best environment for getting stronger for as low as $89.99/month!


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